IMA Demand forecasting & Inventory Management

About IMA:

IMA has been helping companies in a wide variety of industries to improve their demand forecasting and inventory management for over 30 years.

The IMA team come from a wide variety of backgrounds – academia and specifically mathematics, software development and operations management in a number of industries. This skills set has been applied to the challenges that a client’s investment in industry poses and our resultant products and services have been very specifically developed to address that business issue.

IMA Scales We serve clients across a wide range of business sectors but often we find the same basic business problem which is the £ investment in inventory is not generating the required service level to stay ahead of the competition. When we examine the clients inventory in detail we often discover a shortage of the parts that are frequently selling but an excess of parts going nowhere which we term as SLUDGE inventory. SLUDGE slowly builds, often unnoticed until it becomes an issue. In our experience it is also not uncommon for action to be taken to get rid of it and then one year later it’s back.

Getting the balance correct and maintaining it is the challenge that IMA’s products specifically addresses and many ERP business systems often fail to provide.

We are also somewhat unique in that we rent rather than sell our products. This offers the client the guarantee that if our products do not deliver the expected business benefit then they can easily be removed. But to provide the client with the comfort of making sure the products will satisfy their needs we offer a comprehensive software review process at no charge at all to the client. This is described in the How we operate section

Some of our clients: